Up Close and Personal with Paul Grunill


We continue to go behind the mic to find out everything you've ever wanted to know about our presenters! This week it is the turn of Paul Grunill

paul Find Me  on Air: Whenever Mr Jones needs me

First Job: Specialist tours assistant for the British Council (basically helping arrange trips by  academics to promote GB abroad).

Favourite Music: Pretty eclectic taste – everything from the light side of metal to the heavy side of easy listening

Favourite Food: Custard (you can never have too much)

Favourite Drink: “Little old wine drinker, me.”

Star Sign: The one outside a pub in the village where I used to play cricket.

Paul 24











Who is the most Famous Person You Have Met? Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards – King Viv himself.

Favourite Holiday Destination:USA

Favourite TV Programme / Film: Sooty (there’s an episode from the Matthew Corbett era in which Sweep’s family come for a visit that everyone should watch)…Apollo 13

Fascinating Fact about Me: I have an O level in Russian and can tell you what the title of Kate Bush’s Babushka means. I’m also an occasional driver/roadie for a band when they tour in Europe.

Your Favourite Pass Time / Hobby: Thinking up reasons to avoid gardening takes up quite a lot of my time.

Most embarrassing (NOT RUDE!) Moment:

Being woken up ‘tired and emotional’ in the toilets of the Royal Albert Hall by the night staff and, more recently, this conversation with a German singer:

Me: “I particularly enjoyed your song about Michael Palin. Why did you write one about him?”

Him: “I don’t have a song about Michael Palin.”

Me: “Well, it sounded like you were singing a song called Michael Palin.”

Him (thinks for a moment): “You must mean My Companion.”

NOTE: He pronounced the a in companion as ay.

What Made You Want To Get Into Radio Broadcasting?: Listening to Alan Freeman’s Saturday Rock Show - but it took me a long time to do it.!