We Have Moved!


HFM completed the big move to new studios in Fernie House on Friday February 18.

Less than an hour and a half after Will Challoner completed his show in one building, we were up and running in our new home.

The move followed months of preparation down at Fernie Road. The work there included demolition of the old call centre and construction of two new studios, as well as a large reception area and a private office. Many HFM staff were involved in the decorating and tiling of the new premises.

Old Studio 1

The new studio 1 contains equipment sourced from a now defunct station on the south coast.

All the rest of the gear had to be brought down in sections from the 'Towers' . The first move took place on Wednesday 16th, when the old Studio 1 was dismantled and the presenters had to go into the tiny studio 2, whilst Nick had to sit on a speaker cabinet outside the toilets!











Send for Jonesy

















On Friday 18th, Will had to cope with the equipment being dismantled around him. At 11.15, we went live, with Chris Jones being the first voice heard, followed by Simon Parry, djbraine, Owen Brooks, Ian Parker, I'm Grant Lush, Nick Shaw & Moley.

Something missing



















The End












We used to work here!Rod Just why am I holding this?


















Where did it go?












Where do I begin?

Rack 2

The move has required a great deal of effort and lots of sleepless nights on the part of Chris Jones, Radio Rod and Moley, and there is still a lot to do!

Chris makes the first broadcast








Chris & Nick