Listeners Perform Opening Ceremony

Open Day 1














Well, it's official! Barry Spencer & Bill Cotton performed the opening ceremony at Fernie House on Thursday April 7th, to complete a remarkable transformation and move to our new studios.

Bill & Barry

Barry & Bill are amongst our oldest listeners, but we never loose sight of our commitment to all our listeners, whatever their age.

Chris Jones described the day as the culmination of many weeks of planning and hard work. And there were lashings of cake and ginger beer too! Well, wine and sandwiches, kindly provided by Bargain Booze and Wesses.




The opening ceremony was part of an official open day, which was attended by many of our sponsors and advertisers, and a big thankyou to all of them for their continued support.

Barry cuts the tape










Smithy, Moley, Chris & Barry


















Guess who!












And, just to show how special we are, The Great Clutterbucket made a guest appearance