The Olympic Torch Comes To Harborough


It was day 45 of the Olympic Torch Relay. Despite the rain, the crowds lined the route in their thousands. The relay entered the HFM area in Dingley. From there it proceeded to make it's way to Market Harborough, and then on to Lubenham, Foxton Locks and then Foxton itself. It then mades it's way towards Kibworth Harcourt as it continued towards Leicester. In Harborough, the fun continued at the Olympic Torch Relay Community Village set up at Symingtons Recreation Ground. In Foxton, a picnic event was held at The Robert Monks Village Hall and grounds.

Below are some pictures from this historic day.

Market Harborough

Harb 1

The Crowd Gathers In Harborough

Harb 2


Harb 4

Dave Smith Broadcast Live From The Square

Harb 5

An Arts Fresco Performer Entertains

Harb 6

Dean Barnett Proudly Carries The Torch Through Market Harborough

Harb 7


Harb 7

Chris Dabbs Carries The Torch Along St. Marys Road.

Symington Recreation Ground

Symington 1

The Zumba Girls Pose With Their Brollies

Symington 2

HFM's Kev Lidgard Talks To Dean Barnett

Symington 3


Symington 5



Foxton 1

Foxton Residents Line The Streets

Foxton 2


Foxton 3

The Samsung Lorry Signifies That The Torch Is Nearly Here

Foxton 4


Foxton 5

Martin Johnson With The Torch

Foxton 6

Ruggero Barone Carries The Torch Through Foxton

Foxton 7


Foxton 8

Fun And Games Back At The Village Hall

Foxton 9

Winners Of The Foxton Games Recieve Their Medals (And Lollies)

Foxton 10