Up Close and Personal with the HFM Presenters

Each week we go behind the mic to find out everything you've ever wanted to know about our presenters!

This week it's Justin Case's turn.......

Find Me on Air: Look out for the return of Metal Mayhembetween midnight and 7am Saturdays.

First Job: Telephonist / Receptionist    

Justin CaseFavourite Music: Death Metal

Favourite Food: Mexican, (Chilli)

Favourite Drink: Southern Comfort (in chilled glass, no ice)

Star Sign: Cancer

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met? Chris Jones, I’ve met quite a few but Shawn Colvin from Slipknot (without mask) not many people have seen him like this, he looks so ordinary you would pass him in the street, very nice guy.

Favourite Holiday Destination: Ceti Alpha 4, when the twin sun’s set in the east its fantastic against the pale green sky.

Favourite TV Programme / Film: Star Trek Deep Space 9.

Best Thing about Working at HFM: The freedom of music choice, don’t take this for granted, its as rare as rocking horse poo.

Fascinating Fact about Me: I am an Albino, which means I have no pigmentation (colour) and one of the side effects of this is that some of the synapses in my brain are wired up slight wrong, this will make perfect sense to anyone who knows me and explains a lot about my personality and psyche.

 Justin's band

Your Favourite Pass Time / Hobby:  Writing and playing my own music, sometimes when I write songs I look at them several days later and cant believer I wrote it.  One song I woke up with at 5:15 am, I hade the lyrics, music, melody and arrangement in my head I got up, hardly able to focus but wrote it down, the odd thinks is it dosent look like my handwriting, you can read it for a start.


Most embarrassing (NOT RUDE!) Moment:  I was just about to read the weather coming out of the news when a fellow presenter (who shall remain namelss) came into the studio and passed wind, how I managed to read it is still a mystery.


What made you want to get a job in the radio industry:  Right from when I was in a pram I have loved music and as I grew up I desperately wanted to share this gift with others, this has not changed one iota thoughout my life, just the focus has shifted or the method slightly changed.

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