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This week we focus on Paul Cann.......

pAUL cANNFind Me on Air: Every other Wednesday between 7 – 10pm with Soozie Max, why don’t you join us?

First Job: I started life at 15, in my local supermarket.

Favourite Music: Anything from Mozart to Meatloaf. Throw in a bit of Tamla Motown & Punk Rock. Mix it up with some R&B, Hip Hop and Techno music. Add a pinch of Country, lashings of Rock and Pop and you have the perfect mix. Whatever the flavour, it's all Rock 'n' Roll to me.

Favourite Food: I love traditional food, although I do try a lot of things new. (Although Heston Blumenthal scares me a bit). Probably my most favourite would have to be Chinese. Italian is a close second though. English is nice too.  Oh, I like Mexican food as well. Then there is...

Favourite Drink: Alcohol – I prefer a smooth bitter.  Beverage – I’m a bit of a tea addict.  Although it is an acquired taste, I do like a cup of Earl Grey now & then.

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

I know Dave Irving and Richard Oliff. What can I say?

Favourite Holiday Destination:

Turkey for the deep sea diving. Bulgaria for the Black Sea which is warmer than any swimming pool I have ever been in. Denmark is really cool. S. Ireland has some of the friendliest people in the world. Russia was just awesome. The buildings, the spectacle. For beautiful countryside, you can't beat the UK.

Favourite TV Programme / Film:  Psychological dramas are very gripping. Although I do like a good comedy programme (which seems to be rare on TV at the moment – or is that me?)
Probably the one film that stands out for me would be “Sixth Sense”

Best Thing about Working at HFM:
We can play a variety of music, which obviously allows for my own diverse tastes. Something which is generally not permitted on many local or community radio stations. For that I am very grateful.

Fascinating Facts about Me:

I am the eldest of twins (sister) by 15 mins. I once went up in a micro-light, which is basically a kite with a lawn mower engine attached. That was scary.

Your Favourite Pass Time / Hobby: I just love being in the studio. Doing live programmes keeps me on my toes and it gives me a real buzz. I have three children (all flown the nest) and two grandchildren. I love spending time with all of them. They all keep me young... or are they making me old? I'm never quite sure!

Most Embarrassing (NOT RUDE) moment :  I was away working in Belfast for a week. One evening when I came down tPaul Canno dinner at the hotel I was staying in, I realised (although it did take alittle while) that I was the only one sitting on my own.

All the other tables had at least 2 people at them. It suddenly dawned on me that it was Valentine's evening.

It certainly looked as if I had been stood up and I felt as everyone in the room was conscious of my plight and staring at me. 

I felt like shouting out that I hadn't been stood up and that I was working away from home.

But this would have probaly made the situation even worse, so I made a hasty retreat.  

I guess it could have been worse.


What made you want to get a job in the radio industry?

I saw an advert in my local paper for volunteers to visit the local hospital (Kettering) as a ward visitor and possibly do a bit of presenting ‘on air’ as well.

My music has always been important and I have acquired a lot of knowledge over the years. My grounding for presenting was by a presenter who is now with Rugby FM (Richard Simister).

I have been presenting a weekly show for the last 7 years at Kettering Hospital Radio on various evenings during the week, although this has recently changed (July ’07) due to work commitments.  Being part of, and working for, the community is very rewarding. HFM works hard at being both. I love it here! 


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