Up Close - Nina Watkins

This week we turn the spotlight on Nina Watkins.....

Find Me on Air:  Saturdays 5 - 7pm with Mark!

Nina & Gareth

First Job: Receptionist in an Estate Agents

Favourite Music: Michael Ball or Meat Loaf!

Favourite Food: Bacon

Favourite Drink: Southern Comfort

Star Sign: Cancer

 Mark, Nina and Anthony Worrell Thompson

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met? McFly

Favourite Holiday Destination: Don't know - haven't been there yet! Would love to go on a World Cruise!

Favourite TV Programme / Film: Coupling & Heroes/weekend at burnie's

Best Thing about Working at HFM:
I get to talk to lots of celebrities and work with Mark!

Fascinating Fact about Me: I'm writing a novel

Your Favourite Pass Time / Hobby: Dancing or going to the gym


Most embarrassing (NOT RUDE!) Moment: One dark, winter’s night I parked on my friend’s drive.  When I went to leave, I realised the front wheels were on grass and the rear wheels were on the concrete so the front wheels sank into the mud.  By the time I had finished attempting to reverse the car, their house and windows were covered in mud.  It took her husband and a neighbour 2 hours to get my car out!  Now there is a neat little rockery in place of the grassy area! A great reminder every time I go round there!


What made you want to get a job in the radio industry: Vanity!