Up Close & Personal with the HFM Presenters!

Each week we go behind the mic to find out everything you've ever wanted to know about our presenters!

This week we focus on Dave Smith.......

Find Me on Air:  10 till 1 Monday to Friday

First Job: In a rubber factory (making inner tubes!)

Favourite Music: Mostly 80s but I like most things

Favourite Food: Seems to be everything I can’t eat on my diet

Favourite Drink: Fruli Strawberry lager

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met: Bonnie from Big Brother or Keith Chegwin

Favourite Holiday Destination: Cornwall

Favourite Film: Planes Trains and Automobiles

Best Thing about Working at HFM: The freedom and the lovely team

Fascinating Fact about Me: I have a large collection of Jingles and a large Anorak

 Speed 2

Your Favourite Pass Time: Theme parks. I love roller coasters


Most embarrassing (NOT RUDE!) Moment: Wearing a Notts Forest shirt at junior school (They were winning everything)


What made you want to get a job in the radio industry: I have wanted to work on the radio since I was about 12 years old and it’s a good way of talking to yourself without people thinking you are mad!