Up Close & Personal - Darren Harte

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This week we turn the spotlight on Darren Harte.....

Darren Harte

Find Me on Air:  Wednesday evenings at 10.00pm.

First Job:  Working as a salesman at Rumbelows in Welwyn Garden City. Completely hopeless at the job!

Favourite Music: Big fan of Female Singer Songwriters. Gwyneth Herbert is at the top of the list for me along with  Joan Baez, Sam Brown and many others . I also love 50’s Rock and Roll and Country Music.

Favourite Food: Indian.

Favourite Drink: A cold lager after a hard week at work.

Star Sign: Pisces

Who is the mostDarren as a toddler famous person you’ve ever met?  I have met several but Shaw Taylor has to be my favorite (keep ‘em peeled!).

Favourite Holiday Destination: Norfolk and the Costa Del Sol.

Favourite TV Programme / Film: Hardly watch TV (I do not own a TV set!)
Fav film has to be the Italian Job (The original with Michael Caine).

Best Thing about Working at HFM: Being able to play a diverse range of music not often heard on the wireless.

Fascinating Fact about Me: I own Broadcaster Roy Plomleys’ scrapbooks detailing every part of his career in radio and the theatre.

Your Favourite Pass Time / Hobby: Record Collecting. I own around 10,000 Singles, 78’s, LP’s and even the new fangled CD’s. Don’t know how to download!

What made you want to get a job in the radio industry:

Listening to the radio as a kid. My earliest memory of the radio is listening to DLT on the Radio 1 breakfast show. Am I the only one who remembers him giving instructions to grow a Cornflake tree from a burnt cornflake?  I could also see the Brookmans Park Transmitting ariels from my bedroom window and was amazed that the signal from them could be heard on my Philips portable radio. Presenters over the years that have been an influence are Bob Harris, Alan Freeman, Mike Read, Roger Scott and many others.