Was it a day or an hour?

SignMany in Harborough have been left feeling let down after the Meerkat Harborough Day turned out to be less than expected. We were given less than 24 hours to plan the event, which upset many. Indeed, some didn't even know that it was happening.


The much touted 'Meerkat Harborough for a day' received a blow when the one sign which had been covered was put back after just one hour. In addition, HFMs sources have learnt that the town will not feature in an advert. All this meant that many felt the whole thing had been a bit of an anti-climax.RositaMacdonald close painting










Moley 1










But those who turned up for the ceremony had a lot of fun, mainly supplied by Moley dressed as a meerkat, with djbraine in attendance!

Moley 2


djbraine looks astonished, or is he singing?!




















A rest!












Thomas, Danielle, Sam & Kyle were really loud. Check the lady putting her fingers in her ears!

kids 1












Dave & Kids












Moleys' journey continued to Harborough Rubber and then to It's a gas













it's a gas












Well, it takes allsorts