Community raWE NEED YOUdio stations across the UK, including HFM, are facing a major funding gap because of government cut-backs.

Whilst HFM goes from strength to strength with regard to advertising revenue, OFCOM's regulations say we have to balance this by raising 50% of our running costs through grants and donations - those vital grant sources are now being cut.

So this is where you come in - We’re looking for the support of local people and businesses to ensure your truly local radio station continues to provide the same service and benefits to the community as we have done for the past four years.

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HFM has helped 100's of local groups and organisations anPIC

d with other independent radio stations no longer based locally - we are the first choice for local news, views and information.

HFM is run and staffed mainly by volunteers giving up their free time - but the ever increasing overheads and the OFCOM broadcasting licence fee still have to be found.


Click to hear Nick Shaw interviewing HFM's Programme Controller

Chris Jones explaining more about why we've launched the appeal.


If you think you can help, either as an individual or a company, please pledge your support below or call us on 01858 464666 (asking for Barry, Chris or Nick) and help us to continue providing one of the finest community radio stations in the country.