Up Close and Personal with Graham Beeby

We continue to go behind the mic to find out everything you've ever wanted to know about our presenters!

Graham 1

Find Me  on Air:  Saturday morning 10am -12noon

First Job:

Selling TV and washing machines in a small family run retail businesses.

Favourite Music:

Genesis, Coldplay Chris Rea, Meatloaf, Pink Floyd, and did I mention Genesis….

Favourite Food: Anything that has been cooked...

Favourite Drink:

On a good day Stella lager, on a bad day Tea with no sugars thank you.

Star Sign: Aries

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Ken Dodd – I interviewed him for hospital radio and he would not stop talking. Which was great.

Favourite Holiday Destination:

Malta and Cyprus…not forgetting Southwold and Hunstanton here in the UK.

Favourite TV Programme / Film:

Cold Case and the Wonder Years for TV and In Bruges and American Beauty (if you have seen the film you will know why!)

Best Thing about Working at HFM:Really do enjoy the team spirit. The passion for radio from the management and presenters is fantastic. Market Graham 2Harborough people and the town are great and I really enjoy being part of that.

Fascinating Fact about Me:

I was in the audience for the first Top of the Pops of 1980. When it is repeated I shout out to the family.. its me, its me.. (they don’t believe me)

Your Favourite Pass Time / Hobby:

As well as radio and I am involved in organizing an annual summer youth football tournament with over 130 teams from all over the UK taking part. I am also involved with the local talking newspaper for the blind association.


Most embarrassing (NOT RUDE!) Moment:

Not so much embarrassing but foolish. On the Isle of Wight with some friends we decided to buy an inflatable boat. Out in the sea a large wave overturned the boat and in we went. I quickly realised that my spectacles were lost in the sea and these were my only pair.

Now these were that days before you could afford a second pair. I was the only driver on the trip so this was obviously going to cause a problem as I am very short-sighted.

I left my friends at the seaside and attempted to drive 15 miles to an optician. Luckily, the optician produced a pair of specs that I could just about see with. I drove back down to my friends where I found them all laughing at me. The tide had gone out and they just picked up my original glasses from the sea-bed.